The recent events in Australia have shown how devastating massive bushfires can be. While bushfires can start naturally, Ausgrid commits to preventing incidents caused by electrical hazards.

As part of their commitment, Ausgrid sends out bushfire inspection defect notices when they find a potentially hazardous electrical fault that could lead to a bushfire. Ausgrid monitors approximately 42,500 private poles under Rural Fire Service areas around Newcastle, Hunter, Central Coast, and Sydney.

Ausgrid inspects these private poles annually, performs in-depth examinations every 5 years, and sends out bushfire inspection notices when needed. Bushfire defect notices are similar to general defect notices but require more urgency to resolve faults that could start bushfires.

Read on to learn more about bushfire defect notices and how Level 2 Electrician can help you resolve them as soon as possible.

What are Bushfire Safety Inspections?

Bushfire safety inspections are electrical, and safety assessments carried out by Ausgrid to evaluate the health and quality of their customers’ private poles, power lines, and general electrical system.

The evaluations focus on determining electrical risks in the property that could start a bushfire. Ausgrid performs ground-based bushfire safety inspections in bushfire-prone areas.

Furthermore, a typical bushfire inspection notice includes the following:

  • Checking the power mains
  • Inspecting the wires
  • Assessing private poles and pole fittings

It’s also imperative that you take proactive measures to make sure that your home is prepared in case of a bushfire. This applies if your home is located within a bushfire-prone area.

When Will Ausgrid Give a Bushfire Inspection Defect Notice?

When Ausgrid discovers a fault on your private electrical property that could lead to a bushfire, they will send out a bushfire inspection defect notice. Ausgrid usually looks for the following bushfire-related electrical faults:

  • Branches and vegetation touching or are too close to power lines;
  • Frayed cables, damage on power poles due to old age;
  • Electrical faults from poor installation;
  • Electrical modifications that do not conform with Ausgrid safety standards;
  • Deteriorated power poles prone to falling over

What to Do After Receiving a Bushfire Inspection Defect Notice

After receiving a bushfire inspection defect notice, the property owner will be given 60 days to resolve the faults. Ausgrid will send a reminder notice if they haven’t heard back after 30 days.

Bushfire inspection defect notices should be dealt with a sense of urgency since it involves a great deal of threat to the environment and the community. 

You’ll need a qualified level 2 electrician to resolve electrical faults and defects or a local arborist to clear up your private electrical network from vegetation. If the defect is not resolved within 30 days or the given time frame, Ausgrid will temporarily cut power to your property.

Vegetation-Related Fault

If Ausgrid finds vegetation touching or creeping closer to your private poles and lines. You’ll need to call a licensed arborist to trim vegetation around electrical network systems.

Faulty Power Poles

If a private power pole is prone to rust, damage, infestation, falling over, or has another issue (faulty grounding, etc.), call a level 2 electrician to replace or repair the pole.

Contact our emergency electricians at 02 9119 1344 for your same-day power pole repair and servicing.

Faulty Power Lines

Hanging, frayed, slacking, and crossing power lines pose a significant fire hazard and are prone to start bushfires in prone areas. Level 2 electricians can help you resolve the faults.

Our experienced electricians at Local Electrician Sydney deliver same-day solutions to comply with your bushfire defect notice within the same day. We will also take the extra mile and resolve general electrical faults and identify hidden problems to ensure the safety and health of your property and family.

What if I Can’t Afford Repairs in My Defect Notice?

Ausgrid understands that many households currently experience hardship and financial stress. That’s why Ausgrid strengthens its financial hardship policy to assist customers with their bushfire safety rectification and fault servicing.

You can check out Ausgrid’s Financial Hardship Policy by checking out their website.

How Can I Pass Ausgrid’s Bushfire Inspection?

Ausgrid’s bushfire safety inspection looks at electrical-related fire hazards and faults. So the best way to prevent receiving any defect notices is by having a level 2 electrician perform regular safety inspections.

A tested local electrician should evaluate the condition of your power mains, wires, and private pole to determine if they require immediate repair or replacing. Doing so lets you know if your electrical system is operating correctly or if you’re likely to receive a defect notice.

Sydney Level 2 Electricians for Bushfire Defect Notices

Local Electrician Sydney takes pride in its qualified level 2 ASP electricians who provide same-day evaluation, repair, and maintenance to fix defect notice jobs.

Our best-in-class team will repair any defective private poles, power lines, electrical mains, and other hazards listed in your bushfire defect notice, no matter how challenging the job can be.

Enjoy our electrical defect notice services wherever you are in Sydney. We also provide emergency services 24/7 to promptly fix unwanted power outages and protect your family from unwanted electrical incidents.

Feel free to contact us, call-out free, at 02 9119 1344 today. Schedule an appointment at your most convenient time, and we’ll arrive at your property equipped to detect, inspect, and repair any electrical faults and comply with your bushfire defect notice on the same day.