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      We'll reply to all online enquiries within just 5 minutes! We got you covered.

      Dealing with complex electrical systems and live electricity in general, are demanding tasks. Problems can occur if these electrical-related situations are not done by qualified professionals.

      Your homes, offices, and industrial establishments in Sydney will always need maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to their electrical systems. You will always need the expertise of a professional level 2 electrician.

      If you need specialists to attend to your electrical-related projects or you just want to ensure that your installed electrical designs are up to the standards prescribed by Sydney authorities, we have the team apt to do those complicated tasks. Local Electrician Sydney has been serving the region’s suburbs for more than 10 years.

      Don’t just rely on any regular electrician to solve your emergency electrical problems. Always prefer to work with a Level 2 electrician who is available 24 hours a day and has a quick response time. 

      This also applies if you have been served with an electrical defect notice. You would want to work with someone who knows how to appropriate your electrical resources to meet the demands and safety requirements stated by Endeavor Energy, Essential Energy, and Ausgrid. A level 2 electrician will prevent annoying disconnections and expensive penalties by resolving your electrical systems’ shortcomings immediately.

      What is a Level 2 Electrician?

      A Level 2 electrician has higher qualifications and skill levels compared to an ordinary electrician. This is the type of professional you would want if your electrical problems are advanced, complex, and risky in nature. Remember that not all electricians are capable or allowed to do the jobs that are exclusive to Level 2 electricians.

      Level 2 electricians have undergone extensive training and experience to hone their craft. The journey to becoming a Level 2 electrician starts with his education and training. The following are requirements to become a licensed electrician:

      • Certificate III in Electrotechnology

      The knowledge and skills training essential to become an adept electrician are gained here. The different areas, as well as their corresponding problems and solutions, are taught during this course. Once he completes this course, he can now be designated to perform basic electrical jobs.

      • Apprenticeship and Area Expertise

      The electrician will be under the supervision of an experienced professional. He will be exposed to different settings and areas like household, industrial, and commercial electrical tasks. The tasks cover all kinds of installation, repairs, adjustments, and other combinations of problems and scenarios. 

      The fledgling electrician will undergo at least a year of training in the field before he can be awarded a certificate of apprenticeship.

      • Proficiency Certificate

      This certification is given to an electrician who has completed all the required training and experience. A proficient electrician has now gained the ability to perform and apply solutions to complex electrical problems on the fly.

      Level 2 Electrician Classes

      Level 2 electricians are further categorised according to class. The class will determine which specific electrical tasks they are allowed to perform. All Level 2 electricians are aiming to be trained and accredited to perform the following tasks:

      Class 2A: Perform installation, reconnection, and disconnection of service point lines at the point of attachment.

      Class 2B: Work on tasks related to underground service conductors and cabling systems.

      Class 2C: Conduct services related to overhead service conductors and lines.

      Class 2D: Handle and work with network service equipment like generators, service protection devices, and fuses.

      Level 2 Electrician Services

      There is a high demand for Level 2 electricians. This is due to the fact that they are the most efficient people who can handle general electrical work as well as emergency electrical services. 

      The following are specific tasks only a Level 2 electrician can do.

      • Installation, disconnection, and maintenance of generators, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, and transformers
      • Maintenance of electrical circuitry and systems that they previously installed. They will perform necessary adjustments, replacements, and repairs to keep the former in perfect condition
      • Installation and supply of grounding leads and private poles
      • Implementation, assembly, installation, repairs, and testing of electrical equipment and structures according to electrical plans, diagrams, and blueprints.
      • Upgrading of existing wiring systems that covers the point of supply, point of attachment, and point of connection. This means all electrical circuitry from the public post to your sockets
      • All phases of installations of overhead, underground, and underground service to overhead service mains (UGOH). The phases to be used depending upon the property’s requirements
      • Installations, upgrades, and adjustments of your property’s electrical systems in compliance with the required safety standards. 
      • Installation, establishing connections, and supply separation for all types of electricity meters

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      We at Local Electrician Sydney are composed of ASP (Accredited and Authorised Service Provider) certified Level 2 Electricians. If you’re looking for trustworthy, fast, efficient, and expert electrical services for your property across all Sydney suburbs, we are the perfect company to do the job.

      We absolutely understand the importance of your family’s and property’s safety. The electrical services you get from us are assured to be within the standards set by WorkCover NSW,  Department of Planning, and NSW Fair Trading. Hiring us will ensure that the safety and protection of your electrical systems are the least of your worries.

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