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      Just as humans have brains regulating bodily functions, electrical systems rely on switchboards to direct and distribute electricity into branch circuits, each with a protective breaker or fuse, powering your home’s lights and appliances, among other things.

      Hence, a switchboard knows how electricity flows in the system, making it capable of ensuring efficient electrical usage and cutting down power as it detects faults. However, these fail-safe features are usually exclusive to modern switchboards. 

      So, if you’re using outdated versions, your home is at risk of short circuits, shocks from aging wiring, and fried cables due to the old switchboard’s overheating fuse base. 

      Besides safety concerns, Australia constantly updates its switchboard instalment regulations and codes. So, if you don’t want to get in trouble with the law, switchboard upgrades and relocations are a must. 

      When Should You Upgrade or Relocate Your Switchboard in Sydney?

      Although time is a good time to upgrade or relocate your switchboard to improve house safety and efficiency, the following circumstances make it particularly practical to call level 2 electricians for the upgrades and relocations:

      • If your board has no more available switches

      Are you planning to add more appliances or equipment, but your switchboard is out of switches?

      While it might be tempting to have appliances share switches, doing so is unsafe and inefficient. This is especially dangerous when using an old switchboard, as it’s made entirely of ceramics, and its rewireable fuse combinations often overheat due to arcing faults or power surges. 

      • During renovations

      Hitting two birds with one stone! It’s a practical time to consider upgrading or moving the switchboard to more strategic locations during renovations for the following reasons:

      • Enhanced safety and energy efficiency. This ensures the switchboard meets contemporary standards, mitigating potential electrical hazards. It also contributes to overall energy savings, aligning with modern sustainability practices. 
      • Accommodation of future expansions. This offers a chance to upgrade wiring and ensure the switchboard is conveniently located, with potential for future expansion.
      • When upgrading appliances and adding more outlets

      Since new appliances have more advanced features and functions, they often demand more from your power supply than what your old switchboard is used to. Hence, upgrading during this time ensures that your switchboard can keep up with the changes since outdated boards often can’t accommodate modern appliances or devices required for smart home transformations.

      Telltale Signs to Upgrade Your Switchboard

      “Why upgrade or replace if it still works?” 

      As the prices of goods continue to rise, people naturally want to save money and might be tempted to think this way. But we have to understand that when it comes to electrical systems, not everything that works is safe, including old switchboards. 

      So, here are telltale signs to upgrade your switchboard immediately: 

      • Flickering lights
      • Frequent tripping and power outage
      • Increased power demands
      • Buzzing noise from the central hub switchboard
      • Noticeable signs of wear and tear
      • Your switchboard is over 20 years old

      While seemingly harmless, it’s crucial not to overlook these signs, as they could pose risks such as electric shocks, fire hazards, and potential health issues, as old switchboard panels are often made of asbestos, a carcinogenic substance.

      Benefits of Upgrading Your Switchboard in Sydney

      1. Improved safety

      Did you know that 40% of annual house fires in NSW were caused by electrical faults and appliances?

      Switchboard upgrades could have prevented these, as outdated boards often lack adequate insulation, are prone to overheating, and can’t handle modern appliances. In contrast, modern switchboards feature a Residual Current Device (RCD) that monitors electrical flow, automatically cutting off the supply upon detecting problems. This capability helps prevent electrocutions and short circuits.

      2. Compliance with current electrical regulations

      The Australian government and other regulatory bodies set safety and electrical standards for homeowners and building owners to meet the power demands of modern households. 

      Compliance is crucial for switchboards, necessitating safety features in all switches to prevent system overload and potential electrical faults, safeguarding your property.

      3. Enhanced energy efficiency

      Contemporary switchboards actively oversee your home’s electrical consumption, ensuring optimal efficiency. This not only benefits the environment but also reduces your monthly energy bill.

      4. Getting rid of asbestos

      Outdated switchboards often have asbestos backing panels, posing a risk when disturbed, as airborne fibres can cause severe lung damage. Fortunately, modern switchboards no longer have this problem, necessitating an upgrade.

      But remember, only licensed electricians trained to handle asbestos are authorised to upgrade or relocate such switchboards for your safety.

      5. Future-proofing your home

      Upgrading your switchboards as early as now prepares your home for future transformations and expansions requiring greater electrical load capacity. It also reduces the likelihood of electrical issues and boosts your property’s value. 

      How Much Would it Cost to Upgrade or Relocate a Switchboard in Sydney?

      Like any electrical work, the cost of switchboard upgrades or relocations depends on various factors. Some of these are:

      • Home Size and type of electrical system current 

      Larger homes typically have more electrical circuits to accommodate more rooms, appliances, and electrical devices. Thus, upgrading a switchboard to handle more circuits or relocating it to a more strategic location in a larger home are relatively more costly.

      Other factors of service pricing affected by home size and electrical system current are:

      • Electrical load
      • Wiring complexity
      • Switchboard accessibility
      • Code Compliance
      • Upgrade type and complexity

      Does the upgrade simply require the replacement of components or an overhaul? Is your switchboard large and complex or small and simple?

      Your answer to these questions will also determine the cost of switchboard upgrades and relocations, as larger or more complex switchboards may require additional materials and labour. Specifically, it depends on the following:

      • Switchboard dimensions 
      • Switchboard’s capacity
      • Amount of cabling needed
      • Switchboard age and condition

      Older or more damaged switchboards may require more complex upgrades and higher material costs, which are defined by the following factors:

      • Degree of wear and damage
      • Circuit count on your board
      • Presence of asbestos panels

      Given these factors, it’s best to consult with local electricians! Our team will provide free inspections and a detailed quote for your unique switchboard upgrade or relocation needs. And don’t worry! Despite these variations, we offer the cheapest rates in Sydney with the following discounts:

      • 20% Off First Service
      • 10% Seniors Discount

      We also promise a 5-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re financially protected from potential repair costs and the electrical parts are expected to perform as specified. 

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