Best Household Tips to Save on Electricity Bill Costs

Did you know that Australian household energy consumption increases by 0.9% annually?   That may not seem much, but with the world's plummeting economies, inflating goods, and dwindling energy sources, saving even a little on electric bills already goes a long way. It doesn’t only help you save a few bucks but also helps Australia [...]

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Australian Household Energy Consumption Statistics

Population growth is deemed to be a natural course in Australia. From 2022 to 2023, there is a 2.2% increase in the number of natural births and migrations. While this can mean multiple things for the nation, it boils down to a larger residential market. This means an inevitable variation in the average household [...]

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What is A Bushfire Defect Notice

The recent events in Australia have shown how devastating massive bushfires can be. While bushfires can start naturally, Ausgrid commits to preventing incidents caused by electrical hazards. As part of their commitment, Ausgrid sends out bushfire inspection defect notices when they find a potentially hazardous electrical fault that could lead to a bushfire. Ausgrid [...]

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10 Benefits of Having LED Downlights in Your Home

What would we do if there was no light? We marvel at its magnificent display as night falls and take pleasure in its first rays in the morning. Whether natural or artificial, light is an essential element that we require in our homes, and in various commercial establishments.  Today’s technological advancements allow us to [...]

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10 Electrical Safety Tips During Storms & Floods

We can all testify to the damage and destruction a storm or flood causes in its wake—including potential electrical safety hazards. Everyone must have known how to prepare an emergency kit, stockpile essentials and put storm shutters up on doors and windows, but do you know how to deal with electrical damage and the hazards [...]

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